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TumbleBook Library - Fun Sites for Kids
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Tumble Book Library


TumbleBooks are animated, talking picture books for elementary school-aged children. TumbleBooks are created from existing picture books, adding sound, animation, music and narration to create an electronic picture book.  The web site is easy for children to navigate and allows children to hear stories read fluently. There are even options to hear the stories in French or Spanish. Each story comes with puzzles and games geared to ensure reading comprehension.


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Fun Sites for Kids

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Recommended Reading

  1. Best Younger Kids Fiction from 2012

  2. Families

  3. Machines

  4. Magic

NoveList Plus

Find Your Next Book To Read:



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Kids' Apps Review & Information Sites

Find a great app to encourage reading readiness for your child with these helpful sites.

You may also want to search for KinderTown Preschool and YogiPlay, two review apps that may be available in your device's app store.


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Snuggle with Books Winter Read Aloud Program

Download an extra Winter Reading Program log. (.pdf, 157KB)


Book Boosters are given out at registration to parents, according to the age of the child (English is on one side, Spanish is on the other).  The Book Booster contains age appropriate and recommended activities you may do with your child to encourage and develop his or her reading skills.  All Boosters are in .pdf format.  You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view the files.

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Children's Magazines

Note: Age level recommendations for some of the magazines listed below are based on those given in the reference book Magazines for Young People (Age recommendations made by the publisher may differ.).  You can find titles and put them on hold in PamCat, our online library catalog.  Not all of the titles listed below are available at each of our branch libraries.
  • American Girl - Designed to celebrate the achievements and foster the creativity of girls ages 8-12 American Girl magazine is filled with craft projects, games, girl-to-girl advice and more! The companion web site features a variety of fun activities.
  • Boys' Life - Features the cover picture and contents from the current issue, but only selected articles are available online. Includes a section where you can download the plans for making various projects, such as stilts or a telegraph.
  • Boys' Quest - Geared toward elementary-age boys, includes stories, poems, crafts and other educational activities.
  • Calliope - Designed to help readers between the ages of 9-15 understand how historical events intertwine, each issue of Calliope is devoted to one theme in world history. The web site lists current and upcoming themes and links to theme-related web sites and others of interest to children and teachers.
  • Chickadee - Filled with puzzles, games, pictures, and activities of interest to children between the ages of 5 and 9, Chickadee features colorful photos and stories emphasizing funny, unusual, and true information about animals and people.
  • Discovery Girls - Created by girls for girls, ages 8-12. Includes articles on a variety of hot topics, from fashion to technology. Every other month, the magazine editors travel to a different part of the country to involve a new 12-girl panel in the creation of the magazine. Visit the magazine's web site to find out how to apply to be a "Discovery Girl."
  • Girls' Life Magazine - Geared to girls 10 to 15, this magazine (six issues a year) is packed with advice on friends, family, school, crushes, fashion and beauty. More of the same is available on their website.
  • Highlights for Children - Issues contain poems, stories, puzzles, jokes, riddles, rebus stories, crafts, and hidden pictures. There is something for everyone ages 4-12.
  • Hopscotch for Girls - Geared toward elementary-age girls, includes stories, poems, crafts and other educational activities.
  • Kids Discover  - This full-color, monthly magazine covers nature, science and geography topics for children ages 6 and older. Each issue is devoted to a specific subject.
  • National Geographic Kids (Formerly called National Geographic World) - Published by the National Geographic Society for kids between the ages of 8 and 14, Kids covers a wide variety of topics, but focuses on geography, adventure, wildlife and science issues. The web site includes links to stories, fun facts, games and other activities.
  • Ranger Rick - Monthly magazine for kids ages 7 and up features colorful animal photos, funny drawings, and exciting stories that inform children about nature, outdoor adventure, and helping the environment. The online version of the magazine includes web sites for homework help, monthly activities, games, sections for parents and teachers and a sneak preview of the current issue.
  • Ranger Rick Jr. - A publication of the National Wildlife Federation, the magazine includes stories, fingerplays and big colorful photographs and drawings of wild animals for younger children. The website offers more games and activities for young children.
  • Sesame Street Magazine - Early learning concepts are featured via stories, poems, and activities with Bert, Ernie, and other Sesame Street Characters. Recommended for ages 2-6, the magazine is published monthly as a supplement to Parenting Magazine. The web site connects to Sesame Workshop pages for parents and kids.
  • Skipping Stones - A nonprofit children's magazine, Skipping Stones provides a playful forum for sharing ideas and experiences among children from different lands and backgrounds. The magazine accepts art and original writings in every language and from all ages. Non-English writings are accompanied by English translations. Each issue (5 during a school-year), also contains international pen pals, book reviews, news, and a guide for parents and teachers. More information and a sample issue is available on the magazine's website.
  • Sports Illustrated for Kids Online - Monthly magazine for elementary age children includes interviews with sports heroes, comics, action photos and much more. The Web version mirrors the print edition while capitalizing on the magazine's interactive appeal.
  • Stone Soup - This international magazine is written and illustrated by children between the ages of 8 and 13. The web site includes examples of the stories, poems, artwork and book reviews that appear in sample issues, project ideas and guidelines for contributing to the magazine.
  • Time Magazine for Kids - The web site for this current-events oriented monthly magazine for kids features news, games and activities, as well as sections for teachers and parents.

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