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Our Playaway Collection - audiobooks, videos, and tablets

Playaway Talking Books



If you like talking books, but not the hassle of handling numerous CDs or cassettes or waiting for downloads, then the library has something new for you.  They're called Playaways, portable, self-playing talking books that weigh two ounces each and measure 3"x2" and about a quarter-inch thick.  There's nothing to plug in or download, just check out and go.  You can even use an FM transmitter or cassette tape adaptor with a standard headphone plug to listen to Playaways in your car.


Playaway controls
Close-up view of Playaway's controls.  Click picture to enlarge.


How Playaway Works

A diagram of the Playaway controls and what they do.  Click picture to enlarge.


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Playaway Views


Try a Playaway View today at your library!

Playaway Views are portable, self-contained video players that weigh about 5.4 ounces, with a 3.5" full-color LCD screen, and hold up to six hours of content.  They have video quality comparable to other mobile devices and are battery operated, so you don't have to bother about finding an outlet.  Playaway Views can be checked out for 14 days. Check out our Playaway View FAQ or ask a staff member for more information.


Want to find out more?  Check PamCat, our online catalog for a growing list of titles, by searching for "portable video player" in title or everything. You can also search for Views in Advanced Search using the location "Playaway View."


Here's a how-to flyer explaining the View's controls. You can also ask a staff member for a demonstration with a sample Playaway View. 


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Playaway Launchpads


Playaway Launchpad


The Playaway Launchpad is a tablet designed for children, pre-loaded with fun and educational learning apps just for kids. Apps are grouped by subject area, grade level, theme, and age. Features include—

  • Avatar Builder - where students design their own personal explorer
  • Discovery Points - rewards game play and can be used to "purchase" virtual accessories
  • Informational Console - gives educators data on how time is spent using the tablet
  • One-touch reset - means your child's Launchpad session is secure.

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Check out our Playaway playlist on YouTube, with tutorials and information on Playaways and Playaway Views.


Questions?  E-mail ask@pamunkeylibrary.org or ask a staff member.


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