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NOTE: Effective Nov 1, 2023, Kanopy will transition from play credits to a ticket-based system. Each user will start the month with 15 tickets, with the number of tickets required for viewing available on each title's details page.

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Go to OverDrive or get the Libby app

OverDrive is compatible with the following devices:
Windows PC Mac Android iOS Kindle eReaders and Fire Kindle Fire/HD Nook


Just for Kids

Just for Kids is compatible on most devices with an internet/wi-fi connection.


Go to Kanopy
  • Stream movies from Kanopy & Kanopy Kids
  • Kanopy Help

    Kanopy is compatible with the following devices:
    Windows PCMacAndroid iOS Kindle Fire/HD

    * Find Kanopy movies through the Libby app! Kanopy appears in Libby's Extras section. When you select Kanopy in Libby, you'll see a screen with more information and steps to get started. If you already have the Kanopy app installed on your device, you'll be prompted to open it. Sign into Kanopy with the same login credentials you use today. If you don't have a Kanopy account, you'll be prompted to create an account with Kanopy.


Go to Magzter
: Borrow digital magazines with unlimited access from Magzter!
Magzter How-to Flyer

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