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Proctoring Guidelines

Pamunkey Regional Library's Librarians and Branch Managers provide exam proctoring to our patrons. Please contact your local branch library to find out if proctoring services are available, or contact a Librarian at any of the numbers listed below.
  1. Our proctoring is free of charge but students are responsible for any postage, copying, or faxing costs that might be incurred. Students should determine before taking their exam what the postage will be. Photocopying, computer printing and faxing costs can be found here.

  2. Proctoring will take place only during regular library hours when the librarians and managers are scheduled to work with the public. The proctor's availability is limited and subject to change. Appointments are required.

  3. Proctors will be working with the public while the student is taking their exam. Because of this, the proctor will be unable to stay with the student at all times.

  4. Proctors may not be able to accommodate exams that require longer than three consecutive hours.

  5. Exams will be mailed out with the branch's outgoing USPS mail unless other arrangements are made by the student with the USPS or other courier services.

  6. Students have the option of having a copy made of their completed exam if the school allows. Once the original exam is received by the school, the copy will be shredded by the proctor.

  7. We can email, fax, scan, or mail exams.

  8. Your school or program may also have requirements regarding who is eligible to proctor. Please contact them to determine what those requirements are.

Proctoring for most types of exams is available at each of our branch library locations, but if your institution has any special proctor requirements, please email for assistance.

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