The Systems Engineer is a professional position that requires expertise in a specific technology area (depending on assignment: network services, server support, business application support, web support, or service desk/desktop). The position also requires some knowledge of the other technology areas. The incumbent is responsible for: developing customer-focused, business-appropriate solutions in a cross-functional team environment; and applying analytical and problem-solving skills to identify and resolve issues in order to help maximize the benefit of IT systems investments. This position is supervised by a Supervising Librarian.


The Systems Engineer is primarily responsible for the operation, support and management of the library’s computer network.
Duties may include the following:
  • Performs problem-solving and analysis, including incident management, problem management and root cause analysis.
  • Has a knowledge of the customer's business, as appropriate for the specified area of specialization.
  • Leverages knowledge to develop customer-focused, business-appropriate solutions. Engages stakeholders in solution development.
  • Communicates effectively with customers and team members.
  • Vendor management. Works closely with vendors to develop solutions that meet customer needs; effectively escalate and resolve issues with vendors. Gain strategic insights from vendors.
  • Develops and manages appropriate documentation.
  • Systems implementation and systems management. Has working knowledge of relevant standards, protocols and languages used within domain of assignment and applies these to develop appropriate solutions.
  • Manages work and priorities and utilizes project management practices.
  • Stays current in developments within the specified area of specialization and proactively researches trends.
  • Manages personal growth and development.
  • Adheres to the department's change management standards.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
  • Assignment-Specific Essential Functions:
    • Network Services:
      • Performs fault isolation, repair and analysis of the various network components and systems used to support the library enterprise.
      • Configures, operates and maintains firewalls in the enterprise.
      • Configures, operates and maintains unified and autonomous wireless infrastructure in the enterprise environment.
      • Configures, operates and maintains LAN to LAN and remote access VPN installations, software and hardware.
      • Integrates multi-vendor network equipment and systems using open standards.
      • Manages authentication and authorization.
      • Uses tools and resources to monitor and maintain the integrity and performance of the enterprise network.
      • Understands the relationship between core infrastructure services, desktop and server operating systems.
    • Server Support:
      • Performs general fault isolation and equipment repair
      • Performs capacity planning and develops server sizing requirements based on user system requirements
      • Creates and manages fault tolerant environments based on user systems requirements
      • Manages server operating systems and performs server upgrades
      • Builds and manages physical and virtual server environments
      • Designs and manages server back-up and recovery processes for Microsoft servers
      • Develops technical requirements and documentation
      • Designs and manages storage environments according to user data requirements
      • Understands the relationship between core infrastructure services, desktop and server operating systems.
      • Understands TCP/IP and Ethernet related concepts
      • Understands basic information technology security concepts
    • Service Desk/Desktop:
      • Performs general fault isolation and equipment repair for personal computers.
      • Provides end user support on Microsoft Office Products
      • Records, tracks, and documents IT help desk request problem-solving process, including successful and unsuccessful decisions made, and actions taken, through to final resolution.
      • Performs on-site and/or remote analysis, diagnosis, and resolution of everyday PC problems
      • Provides management and support of personal computer operating systems
      • Performs support for personal computer, printer, Multi-Function and mobile device hardware
      • Provides customer-focused solutions
      • Understands the relationship between core infrastructure services, desktop and server operating systems.
    • Business Application Support Systems Engineer:
      • Conducts business analysis and in business process analysis
      • Develops business and technical requirements
      • Develops project justifications, business cases and cost-benefit analysis
      • Queries/analyzes data using standard tools
      • Develops appropriate systems and applications diagrams
      • Implementing, supporting and configuring third-party software packages
    • Web Developer/Designer:
      • Performs web site updates using current web technologies deployed by the library
      • Performs information architecture planning
      • Develops website requirements and conducts website analysis
      • Develop and maintain web related policies
      • Develops appropriate systems and applications diagrams
      • Implements and manages content management solutions
      • Makes recommendations for the direction of the library website and technologies used


  • Ability to gain thorough knowledge of the library’s policies and procedures;
  • Ability to act as a representative of the library to the public;
  • Requires solid general knowledge of Information Technology industry and best practices and expertise in area of assignment.
  • Excellent analytical ability; creative problem-solving and trouble-shooting skills.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills. Communication must be proactive, timely and audience appropriate.
  • Ability to work independently and use independent judgment. Must be able to prioritize multiple tasks and assignment.
  • Ability to communicate and work effectively with diverse individuals (customers and staff) in order to accomplish library and department goals and objectives;
  • Ability to maintain a pleasant and productive working atmosphere;
  • Ability to keep all relevant parties informed of all major issues and to recommend changes as appropriate;
  • Ability to operate relevant computer systems, including hardware and software, computer networks, and office machines and equipment.


  • Bachelor's degree required; emphasis in Information Systems, Computer Science or related field preferred.
  • Relevant experience in specific area of expertise, depending on area of assignment, required.
  • OR any equivalent combination of education, experience and/or training sufficient to demonstrate the required knowledge, skills and abilities is acceptable.


  • Criminal Records check, including fingerprinting
  • Valid Virginia license OR reliable transportation to and from work
  • Subject to a six-month probationary period
  • May require additional training outside the normal work day
  • Must be able to work the necessary hours needed to meet any and all deadlines

August 2019