Exhibit Space Information

The Pamunkey Regional Library is pleased to provide display space for exhibits at the following locations:

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Exhibitors agree to the following rules and regulations:
  1. The exhibitor must sign two copies of the Application and Regulations for Exhibits Form (One copy for the exhibitor, one for the Library).

  2. Exhibits are placed and removed by the exhibitor on the days agreed upon during regular library hours.

  3. No works may be added to or removed from the exhibit during the show.

  4. Mounting of the show will be at the direction of the Branch Manager.

  5. While Library policy does not permit the posting of prices, exhibitors may post their names and telephone numbers.

  6. The Library assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items. The undersigned agrees to hold the Pamunkey Regional Library Board and the County Board of Supervisors harmless from any claims for loss or damage to exhibits.

  7. The Branch Manager of each facility must approve all items for the exhibit.

    The Library reserves the right to eliminate work whose subject matter and/or rendering is deemed inappropriate for the Library audience. The Library also reserves the right to cancel a show if too few works are brought in, or to eliminate works if the exhibitor has brought in too many.

Download our Application and Regulations for Exhibits Form.